Track your electricity consumption in Dollars.
With our electricity meter you can save up to 20% of your electricity costs!
Measuring electricity consumption in private homes, units for rent, offices and industry
Kapandria ("shortcut") develop and manufacture smart systems for measuring energy - since 2001
TrueCost Devices

TrueCost Devices

Monitor your home /office energy consumption via the TrueCost free app on your PC or Smartphone.

Solar energy measurement

Solar energy measurement

Measuring the efficiency of the solar panel and energy production, get alerts about energy production

Electric vehicle charging monitor

Electric vehicle charging monitor

Follow your vehicle’s charging status online, and receive an SMS alert when charging is complete.

4G LTE Kit

4G LTE Kit

Monitor your energy usage from sites where no WiFi network is available.

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Vehicle charging monitor with SMS alert when battery is full

Discover appliances that are high energy consumers, and optimize their usage

Budget control: Preset a monthly budget and receive an alert when the budget has been exhausted

A 4G LTE-to-WiFi router lets you use TrueCost in environments where no external WiFi support is available

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Android Mobile App

PC App


One year electricity data storage

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Up To 512 Users

FCC UL Compliant

Data Download

Real Time Energy

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